Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Last night we had our second meeting and we talked about tips and tricks that help us achieve our weight loss and other goals. We had a great discussion and I think we all learned a lot from each other! Here's the list we came up with:

*Savor your food--put utensils down between bites and when eating, bring utensil to your mouth, not your head to the food
*Always have healthy snacks with you to avoid getting to the starving point
*Stand in mirror and praise yourself--brag about all you achieved that day
*Use a food journal and keep track of your eating
*Do exercises during tv shows and while in line at the grocery store--anytime you could be sitting still--every little bit helps!
*Portion out snacks immediately after buying--cut up fruits and veggies to snack on as well
*Set out almonds in a dish to grab from when passing by
*Before taking another bite, decide if it's because you like the taste or if you're really still hungry.
*Keep water bottle full of ice with you at all times
*Dance and play with your kids whenever possible--they'll love the attention and you'll burn more calories!
*Buy new workout clothes--everyone loves new clothes!
*Reward yourself for short term and long term goals achieved
*Stick to your goal for 21 days--then it will have become a habit!
*Put your exercise clothes on as soon as you roll out of bed--you'll be more inclined to actually exercise then!
*Use salad plates instead of big dinner plates to help with portion control
*View gym time as alone time! Especially if you have little ones! Shower at the gym without little ones interrupting! Sit in the jacuzzi at the gym after a workout
*Plan ahead when going out--decide what you'll eat and bring snacks with you if possible.
*Serve salad before EVERY meal--you'll fill up faster on the healthy stuff!
*Learn serving sizes for foods--check the nutrition label for accurate serving size
*Hunger pangs=your body burning fat!
*Get sleep! You can't do anything if you're too tired!

Here are some websites to help you with calorie counting as well as exercise goals!

Come next week for our topic,"Commitment, Desire and the Little Things" by Kelly Sherman!

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