Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Last night was our first meeting and it went GREAT! We had so much to talk about and everyone shared what they wanted to gain from the group. As we've mentioned, we will update this blog weekly with the details of the meeting we've just had so that everyone can follow up in case they weren't able to come. Here are some of the topics/ideas that were shared last night:

"The Weigh Down Diet" a book by Gwen Shamblin
Tips and Tricks to weight loss and achieving goals
Positive Action/No negative self-talk/ Spiritual Action
Lifestyle Changes
Emotional Eating
Reward System
Scriptures/Journal (check out the sites to the right!)
Text/Phone weight loss buddies
Finding Time to Do It All
Inspiring Books
Food Symbolism in Scriptures (thank you, Stephanie!)
Word of Wisdom
Recognizing Our Weaknesses

As you can see, we talked about A LOT of different things! Each week we'd like to have a different little theme involving one of these (or a different) topic so we can all learn something new! We also discussed reward ideas such as pedicures, massages, new shoes, a bubble bath, goal chart, trading babysitting with a fellow groupie, etc. I am so excited about this group! For those of you who were there, we discussed text/phone buddies, but I think a lot of us forgot to put our numbers! If you would like to be a phone buddy, I want to make a list to pass out next week of names and numbers, so please email me at with your number! The numbers I already have are Tamara, Brittney, Whitney, Kelly, and Kristen. Thank you to all who came and made our first meeting so wonderful!

NEXT WEEK'S TOPIC: Tips/Tricks To Weight Loss and Achieving Goals
Come share whatever tricks that you've heard of or tips that have helped you in losing weight or achieving another goal! We are trying to see if we can start holding meetings at the church--we will keep you posted!

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  1. Thanks Bethany! I will get the recipe posted today! It was a great time!!